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I think I like writing blog engines more than I like writing blog posts. This is a simple flat file based blogging/posting tool that lets you publish staticly but get to the posts dynamically so that you can incorporate the posts into your site any way you want. I'm currently using it to power Don't Break Prod.
Don't Break Prod
Don't Break Prod provides bite-sized pieces of career advice for software engineers. It's been a way to share some of my thoughts on tech careers as well as play with using Postwave to publish something.
A Ruby gem for building genetic algorithms. I think genetic algorithms are fun and I wanted to learn how to build Ruby gems. This seemed like the obvious way to go.
A simple commandline based based practice tracker. I wanted something to quickly make notes about things I was practicing (guitar, piano, etc.). This lets you do it quickly from the terminal and get some basic stats.
A Crystal shard for dealing with Money. Based heavily on RubyMoney.
Mount Saint Awesome
Mount Saint Awesome is my webcomic. I started drawing it a few years ago and it's been a lot of fun. I was very consistent on my once a week updates for a long time, but recent life craziness has severely cut into my update schedule.
Don't Screw It Up
A guide to pregnancy and parenthood by people figuring it out as they go. Don't Screw It Up is the podcast that Eileen and I are making to talk about our experiencs having a kid.