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for all your Dave Schwantes related needs
A Ruby gem for building genetic algorithms. I think genetic algorithms are fun and I wanted to learn how to build Ruby gems. This seemed like the obvious way to go.
A simple commandline based based practice tracker. I wanted something to quickly make notes about things I was practicing (guitar, piano, etc.). This lets you do it quickly from the terminal and get some basic stats.
A Crystal shard for dealing with Money. Based heavily on RubyMoney.
Mount Saint Awesome
Mount Saint Awesome is my webcomic. I started drawing it a few years ago and it's been a lot of fun. I was very consistent on my once a week updates for a long time, but recent life craziness has severely cut into my update schedule.
Don't Screw It Up
A guide to pregnancy and parenthood by people figuring it out as they go. Don't Screw It Up is the podcast that Eileen and I are making to talk about our experiencs having a kid.