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Don't Screw It Up

So, if you haven’t heard yet, Eileen and I are having a kid!

To prepare for this life-changing event we’ve been trying to read up on lots of things as well as asking lots of people for advice on both pregnancy and parenthood. We knew, even before we got pregnant, that we’d wanted to digest this info and experience and share it with other people and we wanted to do that with a podcast. We actually talked a bit about doing a podcast back when we were both in improv and considered the possibility that we might be hilarious.

Whether or not we’re all that clever, we did manage to start a podcast! It’s called Don’t Screw It Up and as of this blog post we’ve done 5 episodes. In each episode talk about different topic such as telling other people that you’re pregnant or traveling with a belly full of baby, trying to actually site some legitimate research while still being entertaining. We’re trying to take a less reverent, you-are-gia-mother-earth, everything is beautiful and magical attitude towards the whole processes of procreation which is in contrast to a lot of the blogs and other podcasts we’ve come across geared at future baby owners.

This is my first foray into recording a podcast and it’s been a lot of fun to do the audio side of things. We’re just recording with my Shure 57 and the MXL condenser mic with some pop screens. Once we start having remote guests, I think I’m going to need to work with this software I found called Looback that lets you create pass audio from one application (like Skype) to another (like Logic Pro X).

By the way, if you want to be a guest, let me know!

Doing this podcast has been really fun so far and it’s cool to work with a new medium like this.

Check us out though all of these avenues:

Don’t Screw It Up website