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Inktober 2015

So this year I participated in Inktober, which is basically a month long event where artist attempt to produce an inked drawing every day in October. Obviously I didn’t have the time/focus to do all 31 days, but I did manage to produce 16 drawings and post them to Instagram.

As I’ve been sadly neglecting Mount Saint Awesome these days, it was really nice to get back to drawing regularly. Doing this project really helped me explore other styles and techniques and also draw things that I might not have drawn for comics (like armadillos and astronauts). It was also good to work in just black and white. I’ve struggled with shading and shadows in black and white drawings in the past and it really helped to be constrained by this medium. There were a few drawings I wasn’t very happy with, like the Gameboy, but all in all I was pleased with most of the work.

Hopefully this rejuvenates my art as I’d really like to get back to making comics regularly.

Here are all 16 Inktober drawings I did:

Note: I’ve also posted these as one big image to Mount Saint Awesome.