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RecLaboratory Early Tester Launch

Unfortunately I’ve broken my “Thing a Week” streak due to some busy weeks where I just didn’t have time to make much of anything. I did, however, have time to clean up some of the last few things for the RecLaboratory early tester launch. Bobby and I spent last Tuesday fixing bugs and cleaning up the UI to get RecLab to a place where we were happy enough to let other people check it out.

This doesn’t mean it is complete or bug-free by any means. I’m sure there a lots of little rough spots and the UI, while not terrible, is still pretty bare-bones. But our goal for this “release” was to get the site to a point where we could show some friends and let them try things out. We really just want to see if we’re headed in the right direction with what we have so far before we devote a lot of time to polishing the UI and the code base.

It’s pretty exciting to finally start showing off something we’ve been working on for a long time (on and off for about 6 months now). While it’s kind of nerve-wracking to worry about something breaking now that people other than Bobby and I are on the site it’ll be fun to see how people start to use what we’ve built. We’re rolling out invites very slowly as we become more confident about the feature set and stability of the system.

I also started a RecLab Blog (my first Tumblr account!) to act as a sort of company blog now that we’re trying to involve other people in the site. As always you should follow/friend/read/whatever our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blog.

Please go to www.reclaboratory.com and sign up to become an early tester and we’ll probably send you and invite soon!