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Thing A Week 11 - More RecLab

Once again this week’s work was devoted more to a long term project than to anything that could be finished in 7 days. I put more work into the site and the audio processing tools for RecLab and we’ve been doing some good planning, too.

The site is pretty straight forward Rails, so far. Nothing too out of the ordinary there. I’m starting to get deeper into the music objects and business logic of the site, which is fun. I’ve also been working a bit with Flask as a wrapper around some of the audio processing stuff. After Week 7 I had been looking for a good Flask project and now I’ve found one! I’ve found some great resources on building good APIs in Flask, such as this one which have been really helpful for designing non-trivial stuff. I have a bit of experience building APIs with a micro web framework from building the Unofficial Fitocracy Runs API in Sinatra, but this will be a bit more complex than that.

Hopefully we’ll have something that I can actually show off soon. We’ll certainly need early testers. I do still hope to have work on a few small projects that I can show off from week to week.