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Thing A Week 14 - Drawing Class

This week I started something new. I’m taking a Drawing 101 class at Root Division art studio in the Mission. I’ve been drawing comics for a few years now, it seems like I should start learning how to draw.

The class seems like it’s going to cover the basics and have us work mainly with graphite and charcoal. I think it will be really good for me to take a step back and really learn some of these fundamentals. I haven’t had any formal art training since Jr. High, so I’m about due. I really feel like my comic art has started to hit a wall and I’m having a hard time getting some ideas down on to paper.

The drawing above is the first thing our instructor had us do: first draw an apple from memory, then he put an apple on the table for us to draw. Apples are kind of hard to draw.

Hopefully I’ll have some more impressive work from this class to post in the future.

bonus thing!

Eileen got me a copy of Logic Pro X for my birthday and so the first thing I did with it was play with all the amp models and pile a bunch of guitar parts on top of each other. The resulting 30 second piece ended up sounding like some kind of epic video game music: