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Thing A Week 16 - No Thing Again

Once again I didn’t have a great Thing a Week week. I actually didn’t even get to the point of planning a project for the week. But I did accomplish one thing: I got a new job.

I spent a bunch of time this week prepping for and going on interviews and on Thursday I accepted a position as a Senior Full-Stack Engineer at Couchsurfing. Today was my first day and so far it’s an awesome gig. The office is amazing, it’s full of dogs, and I get lunch and dinner provided everyday by the staff chefs. The work seems like it will be a lot of fun too. I’m doing Rails development and it seems like I’ll be able to have a lot of say in how the product gets architected.

While it wasn’t the most productive Thing a Week week, getting a new job certainly qualifies this as a pretty productive life week.