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Thing A Week 19 - RecLab Online Presence

So this Thing a Week post is late because I was out of town from last Saturday until late yesterday night.

While I did make some progress on getting the RecLab Rails application to connect to Rocktopus (our audio processing library) the main thing we got accomplished last week was setting up our RecLab presence online.

A major part of this was building out a Launchrock page to point our domain at. So now if you go to reclaboratory.com you actually see something! Right now we’re just collecting email addresses, but building this out helped us think through some basic service descriptions, a tagline, and formalizing how to write the name. It’s officially RecLaboratory. Note the capital ‘R’ and ‘L’. It took us a surprising amount of discussion to decide on this convention.

We also cleaned up our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, so those are ready to be used.

Feel free to follow us at any of those places as we’ll be starting to use them soon.