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Thing A Week 32 - In Browser Audio Recording

This week my major work was around building an in-browser audio recording system. I’ve been reading about using new HTML5 APIs to get access to the user’s mic (and camera) for a while and I was finally able to sit down and start building something out. Because I feel the need to name everything I build, I had to name this as well. None of the bands I was in ever really practiced or recorded in a garage, they mostly worked out of basements. As a bit of a nod to (and departure from) Garageband, I decided to just call my recording stuff Basement.

The core technology for this whole process is getUserMedia(). This is what prompts the user to allow the page to access the mic (or camera or whatever) and then handle a LocalMediaStream object. From there you can work with whatever is being picked up by the mic.

Outputing the audio in real time was very easy (hey I built a monitor!) and after doing a bit of research I found a fantastic library to help with the recording aspect of this project: Recorderjs. It provides a nice Recorder object to work with and, best of all, it’s a VERY small, easy to understand library so I can go through every line of code and understand exactly what is being done. This is very important because all of this in-browser media work is very new and deep tutorials are rare. Plus I’m going to need to do a few things that haven’t been done perfectly yet.

Right now I’m working on taking the recorded audio, which exists as a Blob tied to the page it was created on, and sending it back to the server to be uploaded in a way that works nicely with our existing Paperclip system. I’m really digging into some of the new HTML5 APIs for all this work and it’s been really interesting.

The in-browser recording is the last new major feature we need to build before polishing up the RecLaboratory site (which I updated this week, too!) for a very early, very small beta. I’m really excited to get people using this tool soon!