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Thing A Week 9 - No Thing

So this week was not a good Thing a Week week. I had planned to build the Instragram listener to go along with the Bird Watcher project I was working on a few weeks ago, but I ended up sort of bouncing around between a few ideas instead. This is a bit against the “Thing a Week” idea where I complete something every week rather than randomly playing around with stuff to no clear end.

That said I did git a bit of work done in a few areas.

I started the Instagram work and learned a bit more about how their streaming API works. It looks like I’ll need to build a callback endpoint to take in post info and store things in a database and then Instagram will handle most of the hard work. I’ll probably just end up building the callback endpoint as part of the exiting daveandeileen.com Sinatra application.

I also spent some time doing a bit of research on audio processing libraries for another project I’m planning. As of now I’m leaning towards PyDub. Hopefully I’ll have some work from that project to post soon.

Finally, I’m planning to build a ring box for our wedding out of an old book (kind of like this, but with wedding rings). I was able to find a book I like at a used bookstore this weekend, so I consider that a small win.

This wasn’t a great Thing a Week week, but at least I got a few productive things done.